22.02. - 24.02.2019 Langen/Frankfurt (GER)

Expo offers

Bioelectric impedance analysis (iQ athletik)

Do you know your body composition and your nutritional status?

No? Then, we would like to invite you to stop by at the iQ athetik booth (www.iq-athletik.de) at the Triathlon Convention Europe 2017.

The diagnosis experts from Frankfurt, Germany, will bring along their “BIA” and offer a bioelectric impedance analysis at a special convention price of 29 Euro inkl. VAT (compare at regular price of 50 Euro). You will profit from more than 40% discount and will receive valuable information about your body composition and nutritional status from the training- and nutrition experts. The analysis shows, for example, how active your body cell mass (BCM) is. The BCM is the sum of all active metabolic cells – or put another way: the engine of your body.

The analysis is conducted laying down with electrodes sticked to your skin. It takes about 20 minutes including the professional explanations of your results.
Please make an appointment ahead of time, seats are limited.
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